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Discover the Benefits of Tree Trimming with Landscapes by Jeffery

Affordable Tree Trimming Services in Beverly Hills, CA

When your home’s or office’s trees begin to overwhelm your landscape, it’s not good for your lawn or the tree. Luckily, Landscapes by Jeffery provides affordable tree trimming services in Beverly Hills, CA for home and business owners. For over 35 years, our professional landscapers have been creating exciting and unique landscape designs that accentuate the look and style of our outdoor space. Throughout that time, we’ve created imaginative and gorgeous landscapes for over 1,000 clients. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure that your home’s trees are healthy, safe, and beautiful. Discover the benefits of tree trimming, and then contact our professionals today to get started.

What Is Tree Trimming?

There are three main purposes for tree trimming services: health, safety, and aesthetics. Branches from large, unkept trees can inhibit their own growth by blocking sunlight. They can also prevent rain and sunlight-collecting branches from reaching the nutrients they need. Eventually, the tree may begin to die from lack of nutrients creating a significant safety hazard on your property. Finally, large branches can create an unappealing design for your yard. Tree trimming is the process of removing these large and unnecessary branches from the tree to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, when trimming your tree, it’s essential to remove the right branches, or you risk damaging it. Our team has the knowledge and experience to promote the healthy growth of your tree with our tree trimming services.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is a necessary service for home and business owners who want to maintain their landscape by showcasing healthy and gorgeous trees. Whether your landscaping trees are saplings or mature, they can benefit from our tree trimming services. When you choose us, our tree trimming professionals will provide, in detail, which trees we’ll be caring for. Regular tree trimming services offer the following benefits to your tree:

  • Tree Health – Dead branches on an otherwise healthy tree can steal vital nutrients from the rest of the tree. The decayed branch can lead to slow growth and, in some cases, infect the rest of the tree, causing it to die. Removing dead branches allow nutrients to reach parts of the tree that promote healthy growth.
  • Landscape Aesthetics – When trees aren’t routinely trimmed, they can grow asymmetrically and misshapen. If your tree has been planted to add an aesthetic element to your landscape, you want to ensure you’re getting the very best value.
  • Safety – Dead branches, especially those that loom over your property or walkways, pose a significant safety hazard to your property, visitors, and family. Routine tree trimming will ensure any branches are promptly removed from any trees.

How Do I Know When I Need Tree Trimming Services?

Unless you’re a trained and experienced arborist, it may be challenging to determine when it’s the best time to have your trees trimmed. Luckily, there are some easy indicators that it may be time to choose a professional for tree trimming services.

  • Too Large – Large trees can be dangerous to maintain entirely on your own. Without the right equipment, removing a single branch could take all day. Not only that, it can be dangerous if you don’t have the skills and equipment.
  • Diseased – Trees can be inflicted by diseases that slowly move from the branches to the trunk before killing it. If you notice a diseased limp, it’s important to remove it correctly as soon as possible to protect the rest of the tree.
  • After a Storm – After a storm, tree branches can fall off, leading to potential hazards.
  • Annually – The easiest way to care for your tree is to hire a professional tree trimmer to come to your home annually. The best time to trim your homes is between late fall and early spring.

Choose Us for Tree Trimming Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Home and business owners throughout Beverly Hill, CA trust Landscapes by Jeffery for a wide variety of landscaping services, including tree trimming. With a knowledgeable and experienced team, you can expect us to complete any tree trimming project on time. Tree trimming is an essential part of your landscaping services that keeps your trees healthy and landscape looking beautiful. We offer 24/7 emergency tree trimming services, so if a branch is hanging over your home, vehicle, or walkway, we will come and remove it quickly. Discover for yourself why we’re one of the most awarded landscaping companies in the region. Contact us today to schedule your tree trimming estimate.

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