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Award-Winning Lawn Aeration Service in Beverly Hills, CA

Transform Your Yard With Lawn Aeration from Landscapes by Jeffery

Landscapes by Jeffery can provide beautiful residential or commercial landscapes with lawn aeration services in Beverly Hills, CA. As an award-winning landscaping team, we have the tools and knowledge to help with a wide variety of services. Lawn aeration is a crucial piece of creating a gorgeous lawn. For over 35 years, we have been assisting customers throughout the community to realize the potential of their property with our landscaping services. If you envision a lush green lawn for your yard but are left with excessive thatching and compact soil, lawn aeration may give you the results you want for your yard. Learn more about the benefits and the methods of aerating your lawn. Then, contact us to schedule your service.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

If you have compact soil or a thick thatch layer in your yard, you may find the grass doesn’t grow as well. That’s because vital nutrients such as water and oxygen have a harder time penetrating your grassroots. Compacted soil and a thick thatch layer often result in thin and patchy grass that detracts from your property’s curb appeal. Aeration is the process of puncturing the topsoil with a tool to reduce soil compaction and thatch to allow more nutrients to reach the root system. With aeration services, you can help maximize the beauty of your lawn.

What Is Thatch and Why Is It Bad?

Thatch is a vital component of any yard. It is responsible for keeping your soil moist, moderating the temperature, and providing nutrients. It’s made up of grass clippings and other organic material that is broken down by tiny microbes. However, when the thatch layer becomes too thick, it can lead to multiple issues with your yard. A thick thatch layer of an inch or more may block rainwater from reaching the root system and can suffocate your grass. Aerating helps to remove some of the thatch layers and to promote healthy grass growth.

When Is the Best Time to Aerate My Lawn?

Property owners with healthy lawns don’t need to have their property aerated. However, if your soil is compacted or made up of clay, then you may require lawn aeration every two or three years. The best time to schedule your aeration is entirely dependent on the optimal growing season for your lawn. If you have grass that thrives in cooler temperatures, then aerating it during the late fall or early spring will yield the best results.

  • New Construction – Newly constructed homes or businesses may need lawn aeration. Large construction equipment can compact the soil, making it difficult for grass to take root.
  • Heavy Food Traffic – Heavy foot traffic such as walking paths or areas in the yard where children play can lead to soil compaction. If you’re attempting to regrow grass in the area, aeration may yield the best results.
  • Spongy – Spongy grass may be an indication that there is an excessive thatch layer of more than an inch.

Discover the Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Property owners that are having trouble growing thick, gorgeous-looking grass and plants should consider aeration services from a knowledgeable and experienced landscaping company. Aeration is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to grow your lawn, especially if your property has been newly constructed. Learn more about the benefits of aerating your lawn.

  • Reduces Insect Infestation – Excessive thatch provides ideal conditions for some types of insect species that can harm your lawn.
  • Healthier Grass – Aeration opens passageways for nutrients to reach the roots of your grass, which results in healthier, beautiful-looking lawns.
  • Prevents Diseases – Fungal diseases thrive in heavy thatch. By aerating your lawn, you help prevent these diseases from consuming it.

Choose Landscapes by Jeffery for Lawn Aeration

If you’re having trouble growing full, vibrant grass on your property, the problem may be due to thatch and compacted soil. Lawn aeration services can thin thatch and loosen the soil to help your grass get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive. At Landscapes by Jeffery, we offer effective lawn aeration services to home and business owners throughout Beverly Hills, CA and beyond. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals uses the proper tools to ensure that your lawn looks fantastic throughout the year. We have assisted over 1,000 clients throughout the region realize their dream landscape, and we’re confident we can assist you too. Contact our team today to schedule your lawn aeration service.

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