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Enhancing the Aesthetic Feel and Function of Your Southern California Property With Our Landscape Lighting

Your property is meant to be enjoyed any time you wish, and you should never have to depend on daylight to throw a great backyard party. With smart landscape lighting designs from Landscapes by Jeffery, you won’t have to! Our services are available throughout Southern California, including but not limited to Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades. Our experienced landscape architect knows how lighting a property can give it a completely different feel and ambiance from day to night. That’s why we focus on accentuating certain attributes on a property to add a level of depth and variety. Landscapes by Jeffery takes lighting to a whole new level because our firm goes in-depth to understand the contour of a home, using full advantage of the shadowing and determining the appropriate angle and height needed to achieve that supreme look of elegance.

Incorporating Exterior Lighting into Backyard Vineyard Design

One of the specialties offered by the exceptional team at Landscapes by Jeffery is creating stunning exterior lighting designs for our custom home vineyards. You can intertwine multi-colored accent lights along with the vines, illuminate patios with strings of LEDs, or highlight specific features with clever lighting options. For more ideas on how to enjoy your vineyard in the cool night air, contact our vineyard landscape architect or check out our vineyard landscaping here!

High-Quality Exterior Lighting Products

To provide you with the widest selection of landscape lighting options, Landscapes by Jeffery utilizes products from all across the country. We have scoured the industry to find the highest quality products from simple spotlights to computer-programmed, multi-colored accent lamps. Before a product is incorporated into your landscape design, we lay out the design front to back to have a cohesive understanding of how it will function in the overall aesthetic. We continually strive to maintain collaborative communication between company and client to ensure every homeowner is left with that nighttime “pop.” 

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Plants often steal the show in landscaping designs, but when darkness falls, it’s time for your exterior lighting to grab the proverbial spotlight. Benefits of installing exterior lighting may include:

Increased Visual Appeal

Transforming your property with visually striking lighting effects is what Landscapes by Jeffery does best. Whether you want to highlight your vineyard landscaping, illuminate the boundaries of your patio, or flood the swimming pool area for evening pool parties, you can count on us to provide the absolute best results.

Additional Security

One of the best ways to deter potential burglars from targeting your home is to install effective landscape lighting. Not only will you have a better view of your perimeter and increase the chances of a passerby noticing criminal activity in action, but you may even be able to reduce your home insurance premiums.

Improved Safety and Functionality

Outdoor pathways, stairs, and pools can turn into hazards after dark if you can’t see them properly. By adding some additional lighting near these features, you can make them visible to prevent injuries and safely extend their usage long after the sun goes down.

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