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Residential & Commercial Hydroseeding in Beverly Hills, CA

Learn About the Benefits of Hydroseeding for Your Home or Business

Hydroseeding is an effective way to get the lawn you desire for your home or business in Beverly Hills, CA. Landscapes by Jeffrey is proud to offer residential hydroseeding and commercial hydroseeding for home and business owners. We’re here to answer all your hydroseeding FAQs, including what hydroseeding is, the benefits of hydroseeding, how we offer new construction hydroseeding services, and more.

If a beautiful lawn is what you desire, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of landscaping experts is happy to offer residential hydroseeding services and commercial hydroseeding services. Get in touch with us today to get an estimate for your hydroseeding project.

What Is Hydroseeding?

In order to determine if hydroseeding can benefit your property, you need to start with a basic understanding of hydroseeding services. Hydroseeding is defined as a soil stabilization technique and may also be referred to as hydraulic mulch seeding or hydro mulching. The method was developed in the 1940s in the United States and is a planting technique to reduce erosion while growing grass. Hydroseeding is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn year-round for your home or business in Beverly Hills.

The process of hydroseeding is often used to plant grass over a large area or for slopes where it can be challenging to plant grass. Hydroseeding uses a slurry of water, seed, mulch, lime, fertilizer, tackifiers, polymers, and more. With hydroseeding, there is no need for scattering grass seed or laying down sod. The one-step process of hydroseeding seeds, fertilizes, waters, and mulches all at once.

How Hydroseeding Works

The hydroseeding process is best left to the professionals at Landscapes by Jeffery and not attempted by home or business owners. Our landscapers will determine the unique seed blend for your lawn. Your special seeds will be mixed in our hydroseeding.

From there, the seeds are sprayed across your desired area using a fire hose. Before we begin, our technicians will prepare your soil to ensure the ground is ready to receive the seeds.

Hydroseeding for Homes, Commercial Spaces, & New Construction

The professional landscapers at Landscapes by Jeffery are proud to offer hydroseeding for homes, commercial spaces, new construction builds, and more. Getting your lawn right the first time is essential. Your lawn areas often give the first impression of your commercial or retail space.

No one wants to have to start over and do their landscaping from scratch, so hiring the right team to get your lawn done right is essential. Get in touch with us today for expert advice.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

There are many benefits of hydroseeding your lawn, compared to dry seeding or sod in general. Hydroseeding is safe and non-toxic. We use lab-tested seeds to give you the highest quality products. Hydroseeding results in faster seed germination and the soil binders used will help with erosion control. Furthermore, hydroseeding is an affordable ground control alternative. Now let’s get into some of the specific advantages of choosing hydroseeding over dry seeding. Lawns that are hydroseeded grow faster than dry seeded lawns. In some cases, you may start seeing your grass grow in as little as three days.

The appearance of hydroseeded laws is greener and more attractive than dry seeded or mulched lawns. Sod can be a great option if you need a new yard, but it can also be pretty expensive. Using sod often costs about three to five times as much as hydroseeding. Hydroseeding often results in turf that looks just as nice for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes sod has a problem and does not grow on your soil, but that won’t be the case with hydroseeding. Sod also requires a lot of care to grow the same beautiful lawn that is easily grown with hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding FAQ

We often receive questions about hydroseeding, and we’re happy to answer them for you:

  • Why choose hydroseeding?

    Hydroseeding is an affordable way to get a beautiful lawn. Hydroseeding helps your lawn retain moisture, controls erosion, and provides seeding protection.

  • When should hydroseeding be done?

    Hydroseeding should be done immediately before the best growing season based on the grass you are using. In many cases, the best time of the year for hydroseeding is during the early spring.

  • How long will it take for hydroseeded grass to grow?

    While every lawn is unique, hydroseeded grass typically germinates quickly thanks to the growth enhancers used in the slurry. You should see grass in about a week. After a month, it’ll be time to head out with the lawnmower or hire our professionals to do the job for you.

Your Local Landscaping Experts

In addition to hydroseeding, the professional and local landscapers at Landscapes by Jeffery do it all when it comes to your commercial or residential landscaping needs. We offer landscape installation, design, and lighting solutions.

Our team also provides landscape maintenance, irrigation, masonry, water auditing, drainage systems, planting, vineyards and orchards, and more. Check out our work and contact us today to get an estimate for your hydroseeding project.

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