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Tree Planting Services in Beverly Hills, CA

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Full-Service Planting in Beverly Hills, CA

Trees bring life to a yard by offering shade, helping reduce noise, enhancing the beauty of your home, and boosting oxygen production. Landscapes by Jeffery is proud to provide Beverly Hills with tree and shrub planting services. We'll help you choose the perfect tree for your garden, courtyard, or estate. Our technicians will plant your trees safely and sustainably. Whether you want a simple design or a line of trees, we are here for your planting needs. Contact us today to get started!

Planting Checklist

We'll help you decide on the best trees and plants that fit your needs. We'll factor in weather trends and HOA standards to ensure your trees and plants will thrive. Your basic checklist involves: 

  • Discuss a design plan with our team and delivery date.
  • Make a clear path so our team can unload your trees and plants.
  • Remove all stumps and boulders from the planting area.
  • Ensure all flags are firmly in position.
  • Provide soil for our planting technicians.
  • Research the amount of water your trees and plants will need to grow adequately.
  • Pour mulch around the base to boost growth and water retention.

Flag Your Yard

Our design team is excited to help you find the perfect places on your property to plant trees. We'll give you marker flags or help you place them around the areas of installation. Flags are placed in each planting location following your customized landscaping design to make it easy for our team to plant your greenery.

Delivery and Planting

After we flag your yard, we'll dig in the marked areas. Our delivery and planting process includes:

  • Digging the precise size and depth
  • Adding fertilizes and supplements for an efficient transplant
  • Moving trees and plants to the new location
  • Adding mulch around the area
  • Watering the area
  • Clean the job site

Tree Planting: A Focus on Aesthetics

Landscapes by Jeffrey's team of experts know the best trees to plant to fit the look and feel of your landscaping. We offer free consultations to talk about the aesthetics of your home. It's important to consider the amount of light, soil conditions, climate, architectural integration, and long-term property goals. We want your trees and greenery to flourish, so choosing the best types to match aesthetics is essential. During your consultations, we'll discuss the equipment, cost, and service timetable for your projects.

Trees in An Urban Environment

Planting trees on your property is perfect for protecting your home from harsh weather, cleaning the air, assisting in erosion issues, provide shade, and boost the beauty of your home. Our expert arborists will address these factors to ensure you choose the best greenery for your home. We love watching trees grow and become part of a home every year. We know how important it is to be surrounded by beautiful landscaping that provides a comfortable environment at the same time. 

Choose Landscapes by Jeffrey for Your Planting Needs

Trust Landscapes by Jeffery for all your planting needs. From determining the best trees for your property to watering the final touches on your new greenery, we're here every step of the way. Our comprehensive landscaping services include installation, design, lighting, and more. Contact us today to get started on your planting projects! 

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