Vineyard Design and Maintenance

Vineyards Design, Installation and Maintenance in Westlake Village, CA

Having your own vineyard in your backyard may seem like a dream, but Landscapes by Jeffery can make it a reality. Our expertise in vineyard landscaping is widely known in Western Los Angeles and Ventura County, where varietal vineyards are fast becoming estate fixtures.
We have produced some of the most aesthetic and prolific hillside vineyards in those counties, and we can do the same for you. We see to every detail of vineyard installation and maintenance to ensure you’re pleased with your landscape for years to come.

Benefits of a backyard vineyard

The benefits of planting a vineyard in your backyard are as varied as the grapes themselves.
The simple elegance of the grapevines twining around neatly placed trellises calls to mind the vistas of a southern Italy countryside. Imagine taking in that kind of view every day just outside your home.
In addition to being beautiful, a vineyard landscape is generally significantly less expensive to implement and maintain compared to more traditional landscaping. You will save money while reaping the rewards of having gorgeous and productive plantings.
Of course, one of the most important reasons for installing a vineyard relates to the crop itself–grapes. Wine lovers can harvest the varietals in their yard and vinify them, creating a wine that is truly one of a kind. You can then serve it to your guests as they admire the attractiveness of the vineyards that produced the wine.

The design and installation process

After you have decided that a backyard vineyard is the best solution for your landscape, our team will start by visiting your property. While there, we will discuss our design process, view your estate’s orientation, and collect soil samples. We’ll test the soil samples to discover its composition. This will help us determine which grape varietals will grow best on your property. With this information, you will select your favorite ones.
Our team knows it is imperative to plant the clones and rootstocks best suited for your property’s microclimate and soil conditions. Your vineyard’s productiveness depends on this step, so we take it very seriously.
We also know the aesthetics of your vineyard matters to you. That’s why we consider every angle as we lay out and set up the posts and trellises that will support your grapevines. The trellises’ spacing, materials, and sightlines all contribute to the overall appearance.
A drip irrigation system works best for grapevines, and those systems consume much less water than ones used to water lawns. We will handle the installation of a drip irrigation system and routinely maintain it for you.
We also manage the maintenance and production for many of our clients, including water allocation, pruning, pest control, and harvesting.
Within a few years of establishing your vineyard, you can expect to begin enjoying your first bottles of wine produced from your own grapes.

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