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Beverly Hills’ Landscape Lighting Experts


Landscape lighting is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home or garden. The great thing about landscape lighting is that it can work well in almost any setting. Here at Landscapes by Jeffery, we offer complete landscape lighting solutions that can totally transform the aesthetic of your yard. Like with all of our other work, our expert technicians will handle your lighting project with the utmost professionalism. Our experts are committed to bringing your lighting vision to life!


Safety and security

Not only will your new landscape lighting make your yard look fantastic, but it will also greatly enhance your safety and security. A lot of accidents that happen in people’s yards are a result of poor visibility. With our landscape lighting, your whole yard will be illuminated, clearly showing any possible hazards. We can light up potentially dangerous areas such as stairs, allowing people to move safely throughout your property. Lighting can also greatly enhance your security; statistics have shown that a well-lit home is much more likely to deter potential criminals.


Save money with motion-activated lights

There’s no need for your landscape lighting to be on all the time. We can install motion-activated lighting, which will only illuminate when there is movement detected in the area. Not only does this mean that you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bill, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly option, as your lights will not be on all of the time—only when they are needed.


Show the beauty of your home

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to showcase the beauty of your home. When it is done right, landscape lighting can have an amazing effect on the aesthetics of your property. Getting the most out of landscape lighting is nothing short of an art form, and here at Landscapes by Jeffery, we are highly experienced at creating dramatic scenes using the subtleties of lighting. Our lighting will reveal the shapes, contours, and textures of your property and paint them in a fantastic new light. On top of looking amazing, the right lighting can also transform your backyard into the perfect space to entertain guests long into the night.


Your lighting experts

If you are looking to have landscape lighting installed, why not hire a company that has a proven track record for doing this kind of work? At Landscapes by Jeffery, we understand that landscape lighting is an art. You probably have an ideal vision as to how your property should be illuminated and we will stop at nothing to have that vision made into a reality. Give us a call today if you are interested in our landscape lighting services. We think you will be amazed at the difference it can make.


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